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460 Ford Broken Exhaust Stud Removal

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Welcome to Grafton Machine Service, LLC. We are a full service machine shop specializing in the removal of Broken Tooling & Fasteners. We provide both mobile and in-house service to the automotive, watercraft and manufacturing industries as well as individuals. We offer both conventional removal using hand tools to get into those tight hard to reach places as well as EDM "Metal Disintegration" for burnig out broken drills and taps for the machining industry. We guarantee no damage to the threads or parts in any way during the removal process. Please feel free to call for more info and a free quote. Our normal area of operation for mobile service is O/C & I/E however we will travel further if needed. Thank you- Sean Grafton

​​​Removal of Broken Tooling & Fasteners

​Fuel Cell Stud Removal & Thread Repair

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Harley Davidson Broken Exhaust Stud Removal


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Repair took place up the ladder on top of the fuel cell