Grafton Machine Service,LLC. broken spark plug removal - mobile repair, Grafton Machine Service,LLC. broken bolt removal - mobile repair, broken bolt removal - mobile repair in Murrieta, Broken Easy-Out Removal, Broken Tap Removal, Broken Drill Removal...Time-Sert Thread Repair. On the spot mobile repair service.


Grafton Machine Service, LLC. Specializing in precision Metal Disintegration and Conventional Broken Bolt Removal and Broken Spark Plug Removal. Our goal is to be the solution to your precision machining or backyard mechanical disaster in a quick and cost effective manner. Service can be provided in our shop facility or we can bring our portable equipment and tooling to your location. To better serve the Automotive and Marine / Watercraft industry we specialize in "ON THE VEHICLE" extractions at any location saving you hours of time and hundreds of dollars in unnecessary labor and towing costs. Serving all of Southern California.

   Please call for info and quote. Cell: 714-623-3567  Thank You-Sean Grafton

         Grafton  Machine  Service, LLC.

        Broken Bolt Removal / Broken Spark Plug Removal - Mobile Service

Grafton Machine Service,llc. Broken Bolt Removal - Mobile Repair

                                                                                                                                              Thread Repair: Time-Sert, Heli-Coil, Plugging & Re-Tapping.


 Removal of Broken: Taps & Drills, Bolts & Studs, Ez-Out's, Pins &  Bearings, Spark Plugs & Glow Plugs...